Our Story

1966 – At the age of 12, Marilyn moved to Saltash and became a member of Saltash Operatic Society.  A cast member was 9yr old Steve Whiteway who was playing a leading role in ‘South Pacific’ alongside his parents, Jackie & Jack.  After many shows together, Steve moved away from Saltash and Marilyn stayed with the Society for 25 years

1990 – Saltash Operatic Society folded and Marilyn founded Youngstagers Youth Theatre Group.  Not long after, Neil Bailey joined the group as Musical Director.  Neil was born and brought up in Saltash but trained at Hereford Cathedral School and is an accomplished singer, piano player and organist.  Over the next 30 years, Youngstagers won numerous awards and accolades for their outstanding musical productions.  Neil’s son, Ryan became a member and, after several performances on stage, at the tender age of 9 years, he joined his dad in the ‘pit’, having already become a talented drummer

During this time, it was a thrill to also be working with Ben & Jess Kitt and their parents, an extremely talented musical family from Saltash.  We are delighted to say we are now helping Jess to promote The Kafou Music Project

Several years passed and, by sheer coincidence, Marilyn and Steve met up again through business, Steve met Neil at a business event and then also became friends with Jimmy, an extremely experienced and well known guitarist

It wasn’t long before Neil, Steve, Jimmy and Ryan formed The UK Meltones with Neil on piano, Steve on keyboard, Jimmy on guitar and Ryan on drums.  They loved sharing their passion for music and could be seen and heard playing together at many gigs and events in the area, often to help charitable causes

By this time, Marilyn had two businesses, Encore The Show Business and Saltash Uniforms with plans to combine them into a ‘one stop shop’ under one brand Encore – Costumes, Events & Uniforms.

One day, over a coffee, it became apparent that Steve’s dream was to have a music shop as he had been manager of one many years before. He had already designed the name and logo ‘SW Music’ and, as an award winning fundraiser all his life, his vision was that a percentage of the income generated would go towards helping others.  

Jimmy also had a dream, to supply printed t shirts and merchandise for musicians and bands under the name of ‘Music is Medicine’

The result – The Music Room was created, as a ‘department’ of Encore, offering sales and services for musicians of all ages and abilities from soloists, bands, orchestras, schools or theatre groups

The ‘dream’ was to be dealt a devastating blow when, just a week before the first lockdown, Steve was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and sadly passed away 7 months later.  We all miss him dreadfully, his positivity, his wicked sense of humour and his passion for life, music and helping others.  His influence has kept us going and we celebrated the launch of SW Music on the first anniversary of his passing.

We will continue to do what we can to continue ‘the dream’, to keep music alive and to help others

We look forward to meeting you and hearing all about your musical activities